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Just about every small business needs funding to get off the ground and be successful.  Our online business funding portal gives small business owners the tools needed to find available loan options.  The hardest part of finding business funding is getting in contact with the business lenders that offer financing solutions for your specific credit situation.  The portal contains thousands of qualified business lenders that can offer all types of business financing.  A wide variety of lenders allows our system to offer funding solutions for just about every credit quality.

Start up’s often have the fewest small business funding options available, but loan options do exist for newer companies at  Lenders that provide funding to start up’s will look for an SBA guarantee, or collateral to secure the credit facility.  In a start up situation this collateral can consist of Purchase Orders, Contracts, or personal assets of the business owner.  The small business funding search for more established companies offers many more financing options.  Once your business can show one year or more of history many more loan options will be available to fund your business.  Business funding options are available for unprofitable and profitable companies with one year of history.  Of course the cost of capital will be higher for poor performing companies as the risk is higher for the business lenders.

Business Funding Options:

Lines of Credit – Commercial Loans – Term Loans – Unsecured Business Loans – Asset Based Lending – Purchase Order Financing – Invoice Factoring – Import Export Finance – Merchant Cash Advances – Inventory Loans – Acquisition Financing – Accounts Receivables Financing – Joint Venture Funding

If you are not sure what kind of funding your business will qualify for you can call us at 1.877.876.2803 and discuss your needs with one of our team members.  In just a few minutes we will let you know which loan type to select on the application and our loan matching technology will do the rest.  Within minutes of submitting all your business information into loan matching portal you will get up to 5 business lenders contact you that fit your exact business credit needs.  You will not be contacted by lenders that do not provide loans for your credit situation.  An example would be if your company has only been in business for 6 months our system would not include lenders that require a year or more in business to qualify for business funding.

Our technology and website were designed to save small business owners time by finding the best possible business loan matches for any credit situation within minutes.  One website full of free business finance information along with one application that finds up to 5 lenders in minutes.  The best part of using the website is the whole process is free of charge for business owners and loan seekers.  Get matched with lenders that can approve your loan, save time, and our lenders compete for you business providing the most competitive rate structures.  Our goal is to find every business funding solutions as quickly as possible.

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