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Have you ever wanted to earn 12% apr on your investments?  Now you can by having your investments pooled into small business loans funded via the funding network.  We invest capital into small business loans and other business financing products that bring our investors a return of 12% apr on invested funds. is a business financing portal that matches lenders with business loan seekers.  We participate funds into some of the small business loans and receivables financing facilities that are sourced by the website.   These loans typically are provided to small business owners who need more working capital than the banks can provide.  Since banks are now strictly regulated we have seen an increase in good quality loans that do not qualify for bank financing.  The industry is growing rapidly with several private small business lenders going public recently.

Minimum Size Investment: $50,000.00

Minimum Term Length: 6 months

Interest Return: 12% apr, paid monthly on funds employed to small business clients.

Each month a statement is provided and you have the option to have your investment return for the month deposited to your selected account.  After 6 months you can remove your initial investment or keep the funds invested for another 6 months. 

As with all investment products risk is involved which could lead to a loss of a portion of the funds invested.  Risk of loss is mitigated by the funds being invested in several smaller business loans instead of just one loan.  We have been working in the small business finance industry for over 15 years which has limited any losses to fewer than 2% historically.  We do not invest into historically poor performing business’s or companies that do not follow IRS tax code.

Why invest funds with Capital Quotes LLC?

  • Earn a 12% apr return on your investment and receive interest proceeds monthly.
  • Have your capital help emerging smaller business units thrive and succeed.
  • Enjoy the same investment and rate of return of many of today’s larger hedge funds.
  • Experienced small business underwriters that review every loan application.
  • All loans are secured by company assets and a personal gaurantee.


For consideration as an investor please call Jeff Bross at 216.378.7858 or email questions to

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