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business loan approvedWe have an approval rate for small business loans at around 75%. The current nationwide average business loan approval rate at banks is around 40%. The system is able to provide one if the highest approval rates in the industry by making the business loan search more efficient and effective for small business owners.
Getting your business loan today is not an easy task for most small business owners. That’s what inspired to develop technology to make the process easier with a better chance for success. We eliminate wasted time by asking our loan seekers the questions that lenders need to know to evaluate a potential client’s loan. Our business loan matching technology then goes to work and identifies up to 5 lenders who fit our loan seekers needs, including credit criteria. This ensures that our small business owners are only working with lenders that provide the best fit for the loan and can actually approve the loan.
Over 7 out of 10 small business loan applications we receive get approved for a business loan. Best of all it cost you nothing and our lending network comprised of banks, private lenders, angel investors, hedge funds, and small boutique lenders that compete for your business. This ensures that your loan will provide some of the best available rates and terms with lenders that fit your industry and want to work with your business. By using technology and a deep network of creative lenders our business loan portal can provide the results you need to succeed and grow your business.
We have lenders for all situations. Until you have tried us, do not give up on your loan search. We have loans available for start ups, strong credits, poor credits, and even past due tax situations. Just about any industry or credit situation has a chance to be approved.    We have hundreds of lenders within our network that can get creative and say yes, when others lenders need to say no.
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