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Do your sales people need more qualified business financing leads or business loan sales leads?  Good business loan leads are not easy to find these days.  That is why we have put to together one of the most innovative business loan lead systems available for business lenders.  The website is a business financing information center for small business owners allowing them to learn about just about every type of business financing solution.  Small business owners find us by looking for funding solutions in the real search engine results.  We do not participate in “pay per click” advertising so were only getting the most serious small business owners that are seeking a financing solution.  Marketing studies show that the best internet leads come from the real search engine results, not paid advertisements.  We also take calls into our call center from business owners in need of funding.

If you’re a qualified business lender its easy and free to sign up and review business loan sales leads as they apply on the site.  We do not charge any monthly fee’s or start up fee’s and our business lenders simply purchase the pre qualified leads they want to purchase.  What a concept!!!  We feel that if you truly offer good business loan leads you don’t need to charge nickel and dime fee’s. 

Since we do not participate in “pay per click’ advertising we do not incur all the ad expense that our competitors are forced to pay.  This allows our lead prices to stay low.

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How much do the leads cost?

The current cost of business loan leads is a flat $29 per lead with a maximum sale of 3 times.  This means your not competing with 5 or more lenders like other business loan lead sales companies.  You should find our loan seekers are more interested in speaking with you when they are not called by 5 or more lenders at the same time.  You are not obligated to purchase a certain amount of leads or spend a specific amount of money.  Simply pick and choose the leads that you want to purchase.  All lenders have the ability to set loan lead filters to ensure your campaign only generates qualified leads to  purchase.   The minute a business loan seeker completes a loan request form that meets your specific lead criteria your sent an email alert so you can purchase the lead asap.  You also have the option to purchase leads automatically to increase your chances of being the first lender to contact the lead.

If your tired of spending thousands of dollars on bad internet leads it makes sense to give our program a trial.  Since we do not require any upfront fees or subscription fees you have nothing to lose.  We welcome your business and hope that you decide to join the funding network.



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