Acquisition Financing

Acquisition financing is funding to purchase or acquire another business. This financing tool provides the needed capital to acquire control of a company by stock purchase or other asset purchases of the company. Acquisition financing can be used to purchase parts of the targeted company or just pieces of the company.  Companies qualify for merger and acquisition financing by providing strong business financials and a solid plan to show the acquisition will be profitable with a strong revenue forecast model.

Common Loan Terms for Acquisition Loans:


  • 100% Project cost funding, equity kicker option, and loan sizes starting at $300,000
  • Loan terms lengths from 2 to 25 years, depending on if the project includes real estate.

Capital for acquisitions is available for a wide range of business sectors and franchises including just about all industries along with these common business sectors: oil and gas, retail, wholesale and service related industries; manufacturing and industrial; distribution, import and export companies. Some acquisition lenders include options for additional acquisitions should the industry offer additional profitable ventures.

Could your company grow quicker by acquiring competitors?  If so, you should consider taking a deeper look at financing the transaction. has several capital sources for acquisition capital.  Depending on the industry your business is in we should offer some loan options that offer solutions.  If you have your financial package ready for review you can apply for a acquisition financing quote by using the form on the right side of this page.

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