About Us

About Us

Our mission is to help business owners get the financing they need to succeed.

Businessfinanceapp.com is about finding accurate business finance information without any commission based recommendations.  We wanted to build an online web based business loan matching portal that puts all business loan solutions in front of business owners so they can make an informed decision.  Our goal is to match our business owners with the best possible business funding fit.  We have been in the business finance industry for over 15 years and understand that a one stop process saves business owners time while providing the most competitive rate structures.

Why It Works

Since the founders of Businessfinanceapp.com started as business loan brokers in the 1990’s a unique and massive database of over 1000 lenders that service just about any business financing need.

  • ·         Simply input your specific loan needs and company information and receive up to 5 business loan quotes.
  • ·         Qualified lenders know they are competing for your business which results in the best possible rate structures for our business loan seekers.
  • ·         Many of our lenders do not advertise and can only be found on the internet by using the businessfinanceapp.com business loan portal.

Our business financing resources are free for your use and we hope that you take advantage of them.

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